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February 2016

Williams Research Symposium – Perspectives on New Orleans Architecture

This weekend the Williams Research Center held its 21st annual symposium at the Hotel Monteleone. The title and focus of the seminar was: Perspectives on New Orleans Architecture: Past, Present, Future. On Friday evening the Keynote Address was given by Gregory Free, an architectural historian and preservation specialist. His speech was entitled “American Gulf: An Architectural Story”. His fascinating research showed through photographs of various sites that the Gulf Coast from Key West to the Yucatan Peninsula had domestic buildings that shared similar qualities that were a blending of many cultures. These building styles did not arrive from France or[…]

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Happy Birthday Henry Howard! (1818) Part 1

On this day in 1818, Henry Howard was born in Cork, Ireland to Thomas Howard, an Irish builder. Henry studied at the Cork Mechanical Institute where he studied “Algebra, Mechanics, Six Books of Euclid, mensuration, trigonometry, use of globes, land surveying, bookkeeping, English grammar and arithmetic” (Brantley, Henry Howard, pg. 19, see note below). Thomas Howard died when Henry was only sixteen, and by the time he was 18 years old, Henry was in New York City, working in a factory making frames. He had hoped to apprentice under an architect in New York, but two factors barred his success.[…]

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Grand Opening of Saenger Theatre (1927)

On this day in 1927 the Saenger Theatre opened. Like any major event in the city, the theater’s opening was celebrated with a parade witnessed by thousands of people. The theater was the first of the Saenger Theatres built for Joseph Saenger and it cost 2.5 million dollars (in those days!). The theater had a 4000 person capacity. In these days viewers who paid 65 cents could view a silent film and a live action play, with music generated from a 2000 pipe organ, the largest organ made by the made by the Robert – Morgan Organ Company, which was[…]

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