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May 2016

Municipal Auditorium Dedication (1930)

On this day in 1930, the dedication ceremony for the Municipal Auditorium was held. The Ceremony The program began with a prayer by Rev. Florence Sullivan, followed by a gun salute and speeches made by the Mayor Walmsley, Judge Rufus E. Foster, Edward Alexander Parsons, and Roland B. Howell. A prayer was also was also offered by Rabbi Louis Binstock. While the new building was being celebrated, much of the event was focused on remembering Memorial Day. In keeping with this holiday, men representing servicemen from all previous wars marched across the stage as different music selections were played by[…]

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Happy Birthday Pierre Benjamin Buisson! (1793)

On this day in 1793, Pierre Benjamin Buisson was born in Paris to Jean-Francoise-Claude Buisson and Marie Esther Guillotte. He was educated at l’Ecole Polytechnique, a military academy that was founded just a year after his birth, during the turbulent period of the French Revolution. Upon graduation, he joined Napoleon’s Grand Army of France a multinational military force in which Buisson served as a lieutenant from 1813-1815. He fought in battles at La Rothière, Troyes, Montereau, Nangis, Nogent, Bar sur Aube, Vitry, St. Dizier, and Pont de la Guillotine. At the battle of Montereau he was nearly killed as a[…]

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Gallier Hall Dedication Ceremony (1853)

On this day in 1853 Gallier Hall, located on St. Charles Avenue at Lafayette Square, was dedicated as the new New Orleans City Hall. Before Gallier Hall, the government offices in New Orleans were kept in the Cabildo, located on Jackson Square in the French Quarter. With the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, an influx of Americans led to tensions with the original Creole citizenry which led to a city ordinance that divided the city into three separate municipalities: the 1st -containing the French Quarter and Treme  where the population was mostly French, Spanish, and French speaking Free People of Color,[…]

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