New Orleans Architecture Tours

September 2016

Latrobe's French Quarter

Favorite Building Friday – Louisiana State Bank

Happy Favorite Building Friday! Today’s building is the Louisiana State Bank Building on Royal Street. I can guarantee that if you’ve spent any time in the French Quarter, you have walked right by this fabulous building, but you probably didn’t even notice it because your gaze would have fallen on the massive Beaux Arts Supreme Court across the street. That’s fine, the Louisiana State Bank isn’t mad at ya, but you might want to pay more attention next time! So let’s get down to it. The Louisiana State Bank was designed by Benjamin Henry Boneval Latrobe, known as the “Father[…]

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Favorite Building Friday – Hibernia Bank Building

For our first installment of “Favorite Building Friday”, I’d like to tell you about my absolute favorite building in New Orleans. It is the Hibernia Bank Building, located at 812 Gravier Street in the Central Business District. It opened in late 1921. The building was designed by Favrot and Livaudais, an architecture firm responsible for many Louisiana landmarks. The overall style of this building is Beaux Arts, sometimes referred to as Italian Renaissance style. This architecture style was used all over the United States in this period and is characterized by the use of classical features to decorate 20th Century[…]

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