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Recommended by ArchDaily!

This week New Orleans Architecture Tours was honored by being included in ArchDaily’s “An Architect’s Guide to New Orleans: 21 Unmissable Works of Architecture in Design”. This list covers some great modern New Orleans Architecture, from the WWII museum (2000s) to the Plaza d’Italia (1960s) to the Plaza Tower (1968). The guide includes places to stay and iconic places to eat (Hello, Brunch at Commander’s Palace!)

New Orleans Architecture tours is featured as an item in their What to Do section, “This architecture tour is jam-packed with historical and architectural notes that will set the pace for the rest of your visit. This is an activity particularly suited to the beginning of your time in New Orleans since what you learn on the tour will inform how you see the rest of the city”.

We are so humbled to be recognized on such a well-loved, respected medium! Thank you so much Becky Quintal and staff of ArchDaily!!

Find ArchDaily’s post here.