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The Second New Orleans Fire (1794)

On December 8th 1794, the second of two great fires in New Orleans history occurred, starting on Royal Street in the French Quarter. This fire was not as damaging as the first great fire which […]

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The French Opera House Fire (1919)

On this day in 1919, the French Opera House burned down. This theater had been located at the corner of Bourbon and Toulouse streets, in the French Quarter. New Orleans was the first city in […]

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Happy Birthday Thomas Sully! (1855)

Thomas Sully was born in Mississippi City, Mississippi, November 24th, 1855. He lived for a time in New Orleans and then moved to Austin, TX to study architecture with the Larmour and Wheelock firm. He […]

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Plans Submitted for New Orleans Custom House (1847)

On this day in 1847, plans for the New Orleans Custom House were submitted. This structure is the third Custom House in the city, as a growing city meant that a larger building was needed […]

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Plans submitted for Rivergate Convention Center (1964)

On this day in 1964, C.H. Leavell & Co submitted plans for the Rivergate Center, a convention center located at the foot of Canal Street. This convention center was an attempt to revitalize the downtown […]

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