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Happy Birthday Henry Howard! (1818) Part 1

On this day in 1818, Henry Howard was born in Cork, Ireland to Thomas Howard, an Irish builder. Henry studied at the Cork Mechanical Institute where he studied “Algebra, Mechanics, Six Books of Euclid, mensuration, trigonometry, use of globes, land surveying, bookkeeping, English grammar and arithmetic” (Brantley, Henry Howard, pg. 19, see note below). Thomas Howard died when Henry was only sixteen, and by the time he was 18 years old, Henry was in New York City, working in a factory making frames. He had hoped to apprentice under an architect in New York, but two factors barred his success.[…]

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Happy Birthday Thomas Sully! (1855)

Thomas Sully was born in Mississippi City, Mississippi, November 24th, 1855. He lived for a time in New Orleans and then moved to Austin, TX to study architecture with the Larmour and Wheelock firm. He opened his own architectural firm in 1881 in New Orleans, and from 1889-1893 he joined Albert Toledano to create the Sully and Toledano firm. During this period architecture was well into a transition from Greek Revival and Italianate to Renaissance Revival and Victorian, and Thomas Sully’s work reflects this change. (Here are some of the highlights.) In 1883 Sully was contracted by Simon Hernsheim, a[…]

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