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Free People of Color in Architecture (Part 1)

For Black History Month I thought I would learn a little more about contributions made by free people of color in the architecture of New Orleans. I want to share the names of some of […]

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Happy Birthday James Gallier, Sr. (1798)

James Gallagher was born in Ravensdale, Ireland on this day in 1798. His father, Thaddeus Gallagher, was a builder who trained his son in this trade. James went on to study in Dublin. In his […]

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Happy Birthday Pierre Benjamin Buisson! (1793)

On this day in 1793, Pierre Benjamin Buisson was born in Paris to Jean-Francoise-Claude Buisson and Marie Esther Guillotte. He was educated at l’Ecole Polytechnique, a military academy that was founded just a year after […]

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Happy Birthday Henry Howard! (1818) Part 1

On this day in 1818, Henry Howard was born in Cork, Ireland to Thomas Howard, an Irish builder. Henry studied at the Cork Mechanical Institute where he studied “Algebra, Mechanics, Six Books of Euclid, mensuration, […]

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Happy Birthday Thomas Sully! (1855)

Thomas Sully was born in Mississippi City, Mississippi, November 24th, 1855. He lived for a time in New Orleans and then moved to Austin, TX to study architecture with the Larmour and Wheelock firm. He […]

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