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Featured on Preservation Destination Podcast!

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Taylor Voltz for the Preservation Destination Podcast. Taylor created this podcast to bring to light different aspects of New Orleans preservation for listeners of all backgrounds. Her first episode featured Sarah Myers, owner of Verdigris Preservation, a company that specializes in window preservation – a much needed service in this city of old buildings! In my episode, we talked about New Orleans’ fabulous architecture (of course!).  We discussed some of our favorite buildings in town, the people who designed them and how important it is to make sure they are saved for[…]

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Featured on Beyond Bourbon Street Podcast!

Last week I was interviewed by Mark Bologna for Beyond Bourbon Street podcast. This podcast is a great resource for visitors to our city or even locals who want to learn more about their home. In this episode, we talked about New Orleans’ fabulous architecture. We discussed how architecture and history are intertwined, as our story is reflected by our buildings from early French settlement to present day.  Many different cultures contributed to our landscape and skyline –just one more way that New Orleans is such a unique city! This is my first podcast and I really had a fun[…]

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Recommended by Gardenista!

This week, New Orleans Architecture Tours was honored by being included in Gardenista’s “10 Garden Ideas to Steal from New Orleans”. This online gardening magazine has handy tips about keeping your plants alive and how to make your outdoor spaces beautiful. In New Orleans, we have a very hot summer, mild winters and humidity all the time. Michelle Slatalla took a tour with us to learn about how New Orleanians deal with this climate and wrote a great article about her findings. (Here’s a sneak peek: we keep gardens that provide us lots of shade, smell nice, and look okay[…]

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Recommended by ArchDaily!

This week New Orleans Architecture Tours was honored by being included in ArchDaily’s “An Architect’s Guide to New Orleans: 21 Unmissable Works of Architecture in Design”. This list covers some great modern New Orleans Architecture, from the WWII museum (2000s) to the Plaza d’Italia (1960s) to the Plaza Tower (1968). The guide includes places to stay and iconic places to eat (Hello, Brunch at Commander’s Palace!) New Orleans Architecture tours is featured as an item in their What to Do section, “This architecture tour is jam-packed with historical and architectural notes that will set the pace for the rest of[…]

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