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NOAF’s 3rd Annual Fall Home Tour!

New Orleans Architecture Foundation is holding their third annual Fall Home Tour this weekend! Tickets are $15-$30 to peek inside 7 fabulous homes in the Audubon/Uptown Neighborhood. You can buy tickets online at here. Last week I popped uptown to learn a little more about Caroline and Murray Calhoun’s home at 452 Audubon Street.   House Description This house is a fine example of Colonial Revival architecture, a very popular American architecture style dating from 1890’s to 1940’s. This architectural movement’s rise to prominence at the end of the 1800’s coincided with the nation’s first centennial celebrations, and a new[…]

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The New Orleans Architecture Foundation’s Poydras Tour is great!

Last Saturday I took a Poydras Tour offered by The New Orleans Architecture Foundation. It was led by Shannon French, a local architect and NOAF board member. I really enjoyed the tour, it was well researched and equally well delivered. It is clear that Shannon was excited about the material and wanted to share it with his guests. The tour started at Harrah’s Casino at 9:30 am. In this space Shannon gave an intro and briefly discussed the history of the Poydras Corridor. This street was laid out as early as 1788 (the same year as the Great Fire) and[…]

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Friends of the Cabildo Lecture – “Researching your Property”

Yesterday I attended a lecture held by Friends of the Cabildo called Researching your Property, led by Robert J. Cangelosi, Jr., A.I.A. Mr. Cangelosi is president of Koch and Wilson Architects and Adjunct Lecturer at the Tulane University School of Architecture. I don’t own a property, but I do like to research buildings. I assumed that this meeting would provide me with a list of resources for my search, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact as I walked in I was handed a packet of information complete with many places to conduct a search. This packet wasn’t just a list[…]

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Williams Research Symposium – Perspectives on New Orleans Architecture

This weekend the Williams Research Center held its 21st annual symposium at the Hotel Monteleone. The title and focus of the seminar was: Perspectives on New Orleans Architecture: Past, Present, Future. On Friday evening the Keynote Address was given by Gregory Free, an architectural historian and preservation specialist. His speech was entitled “American Gulf: An Architectural Story”. His fascinating research showed through photographs of various sites that the Gulf Coast from Key West to the Yucatan Peninsula had domestic buildings that shared similar qualities that were a blending of many cultures. These building styles did not arrive from France or[…]

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