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Featured on Preservation Destination Podcast!

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Taylor Voltz for the Preservation Destination Podcast. Taylor created this podcast to bring to light different aspects of New Orleans preservation for listeners of all backgrounds. Her first episode featured Sarah Myers, owner of Verdigris Preservation, a company that specializes in window preservation – a much needed service in this city of old buildings!

In my episode, we talked about New Orleans’ fabulous architecture (of course!).  We discussed some of our favorite buildings in town, the people who designed them and how important it is to make sure they are saved for future generations to enjoy.  Creating this podcast was really fun, and I look forward to future episodes . Without our distinct local architecture New Orleans would look like anywhere else, so all efforts to foster appreciation for our built landscape are majorly important. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates!

Here is the link:

Special thanks to Taylor Voltz for including me in her podcast, and Dominique James for introducing us.