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The Preservation Resource Center

From iron foundry to wartime weapons, the PRC is one of few surviving commercial Gothics Founded in 1974, The Preservation Resource Center, called the PRC, […]

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Benjamin Latrobe

Hey there, architecture enthusiasts! Have you ever heard of Benjamin Latrobe? If not, let me introduce you to the man often celebrated as the ‘Father […]

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Myths About Taxes in New Orleans

There are so many myths about taxes in New Orleans. None so much as the ones surrounding architecture. Like most of history, the stories that […]

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Keeping Cool in New Orleans: How Architecture Helps Battle The Summer Heat

In New Orleans, architecture is about survival and not just beauty. Would your house hold up in our heat?

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Field Trip Friday! The Seignouret-Brulatour Building

For this installment of Field Trip Fridays, I went back to the Historic New Orleans Collection to view a very special exhibit. Back in May […]

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