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Our Team

Katrina grew up in Connecticut with a love of history and culture. In 2004, she escaped New England’s snowy winters, and headed to the warm subtropical climate of New Orleans.

Katrina graduated Tulane University with a BA in Social Sciences and a minor in Louisiana Studies. Courses including Louisiana History, Free People of Color, Jazz, Storyville, Louisiana Archaeology, and Historic Preservation created a love of New Orleans’ architectural treasures – all of which she loves to share enthusiastically with her guests!

Other hobbies include reading,  knitting, and being a proud member of Krewe De Seuss.

Josh has a strong passion for New Orleans, but only ended up here after a long detour. Originally from Belgium, Josh has lived in several countries in different continents, soaking up various cultures and life styles. Eventually, the calling to New Orleans couldn’t be ignored, with all its history and beautiful historic houses, this history nerd finally moved here in 2012. New Orleans is truly a unique city, and a city he proudly calls home.

With a Master’s in History and a Master’s in Journalism, Josh loves doing extensive research for his tours, to create a custom experience for his clients. He graduated from both Delgado and Friends of the Cabildo tour guide classes. Josh is passionate about history, architecture, local culture, and as an animal lover he loves spending time with his shelter dog.

Sandra is a registered architect and licensed tour guide with many years of experience leading groups through urban areas with important buildings. After retiring from a partnership in an upstate New York architecture firm, Sandra chose to make her home in New Orleans because of its fascinating history and intact historic urban areas. She became a student of this remarkable city and is eager to share her specialized knowledge and passion for the history, architecture, and culture of this truly unique city.

With a previous Harvard graduate school background in architectural history and creator of special tours for Boston By Foot, Sandra has completed the Friends of the Cabildo tour guide training, where she is also a volunteer for French Quarter walking tours and a leader and lecturer of special tours. She has created one of a kind architecture tours for the historic neighborhoods of Treme and Marigny, and the less known Lower Garden District, Faubourg Mary, and Back of Town CBD.

Grey Sweeney is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She first came to New Orleans in 1994 to speak at a legal convention, and she fell in love with the city’s history and architecture. After years of visits, she finally moved to New Orleans for good in 2011. Grey has degrees in English, Political Science, and History from Longwood University, and a law degree from the University of Richmond. She is the Lead Instructor for the Walking Tour Guide Class for the Friends of the Cabildo/Louisiana State Museum, where she trains guides to research, write, and give walking tours of the French Quarter. Grey’s passions in New Orleans history are the intersection of architecture and culture – why things look like they do – and the city’s above-ground cemeteries. Her hobbies include architecture photography, writing, and cooking.

Brian has dabbled in web design for a few decades and likes to wear costumes, disguises, and funny hats. You can catch him every year starring as band leader Chef Boom in the Krewe De Seuss Mardi Gras parade.

With his free time Brian also enjoys playing and occasionally making video games (…mostly playing). And back in 2007 he was in a local New Orleans band that was casually referred to as Sophomoric. While Brian may NOT be leading any of our tours (sorry ladies), he is more than capable of supporting his lovely wife Katrina! Just look at this beautiful site you’re on right now!

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