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Our Team

Katrina grew up in Connecticut with a love of history and culture. In 2004, she escaped New England’s snowy winters, and headed to the warm subtropical climate of New Orleans.

Katrina graduated Tulane University with a BA in Social Sciences and a minor in Louisiana Studies. Courses including Louisiana History, Free People of Color, Jazz, Storyville, Louisiana Archaeology, and Historic Preservation created a love of New Orleans’ architectural treasures – all of which she loves to share enthusiastically with her guests!

Other hobbies include reading, knitting, and being a proud member of Krewe De Seuss.

Born and bred right here in the Crescent City, Cheryl always had an interest in the unique architecture of New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana. She started giving tours in the French Quarter in 2004 and has never stopped. Belonging to many local historic organizations she continues learning about the buildings, life, and times of her beloved city. Having worked for an engineering firm for over 30 years she has a unique knowledge of not only the styles and details but how the buildings were built.

Erika Gates grew up visiting New Orleans and came back in 2010 to attend graduate school at Tulane University. Erika has a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in Preservation Studies. She was the building inspector in the French Quarter for four years and now runs her own consulting firm, Gates Preservation, which specializes in permitting and compliance with city agencies for buildings in historic districts. Erika and her husband collect and restore vintage objects they exhibit in their Garden District home.

Gabriella is an art historian, dancer and educator that recognizes travel not as any singular event, but more of an ongoing experience that aggregates meaning over time. Her walking tours draw connections between cultural ideals, historic events, and their physical counterparts in architecture. Gabriella started leading architectural tours in 2015 while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. A life-long rambler, Gabriella has lived in 40 states and 3 countries, but is proud to call New Orleans home.

Brian has dabbled in web design for a few decades and likes to wear costumes and funny hats. You can catch him every year starring as band leader Chef Boom in the Krewe De Seuss Mardi Gras parade.

With his free time Brian also enjoys playing and occasionally making video games. Also, back in 2007 he was in a local New Orleans band that was casually referred to as “Sophomoric.” While Brian may NOT be leading any of our tours (sorry ladies), he is more than capable of supporting his lovely wife Katrina! Just look at this beautiful site you’re on right now!

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