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Cemetery Combo Tour

The Spanish Period of New Orleans (1762 – 1800) ushered in far-reaching changes across the city’s infrastructure. Both our system of above-ground burial and the Spanish Fire Code of 1794, were introduced during this period, giving us the iconic above-ground tombs and the beautiful brick townhomes, which have defined the city in images for hundreds of years.

The French Quarter & Cemetery Tour takes guests to St. Louis #1, our oldest above-ground cemetery, to discover the reasons behind this burial tradition and the types of tombs in our Cities of the Dead. Leaving the cemetery and crossing into the French Quarter, we discuss the changes introduced to the city’s architecture by the Spanish Fire Code. We’ll learn the common types of French Quarter buildings, including Creole Townhouses, Creole Cottages, Shotgun Houses, and learn how they reflect the people, politics, culture, and climate of the mid-nineteenth century.

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