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French Quarter Tour

Take a step back in time to colonial New Orleans with a tour of the French Quarter. Founded as a defensive port city during the reign of French King Louis XV, New Orleans has withstood 3 regime changes (France, Spain, France again, America) to become one of the nation’s most interesting cities.

This 2-hour tour gives guests a crash course in our earliest New Orleans Architecture from our last remaining French Era building through present day. Differences between Creole Cottages of the Spanish Era and Shotguns of the American Era are clarified for easier identification. Guests will also learn how to recognize the different types of Creole townhouses – They all look the same but once you are shown the differences, you will never mix them up again!

Our tropical climate and diverse cultures created area unlike anywhere else on Earth. Some blocks feel like Europe, and then you turn a corner and it feels like the Caribbean. Don’t take our word for it! The unique architecture of this neighborhood was discussed at length by Benjamin Latrobe (The Father of American Architecture) in his journal. He was definitely a fan, “However different this mode (Creole building styles) is from the American manner of building, it has very great advantages, both in regard to the interior dwelling and to the street. In the summer the walls are perfectly shaded from the sun and the house is kept cool, while the pedestrians are shaded from the sun and protected from the rain…”

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