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Garden District Tour

Take a step back in time to antebellum New Orleans with a tour of the Garden District. Founded as the city of Lafayette (a suburb of New Orleans) in the 1830s and annexed into the city proper in 1853, this area was the home to the wealthiest of the newly arriving Americans.

This 2-hour tour gives guests a crash course in New Orleans Architecture from 1838-1884, covering features of Greek RevivalItalianate, and Victorian Era architecture (and how to spot these styles). The neighborhood comes alive with stories of the people who lived here and the architects who designed these incredible mansions.

Included in the Garden District Tour is a discussion about Lafayette #1 Cemetery, which dates back to 1833. In this section, visitors will learn about the three most common types of tombs and the truth about why New Orleans buries above ground (it’s not what you think)! Note: Lafayette #1 Cemetery is currently closed to the public.

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**If you aren’t fully convinced, take Mark Twain’s words for it: “Those in the wealthy quarter are spacious; painted snow-white usually, and generally have wide verandas, or double-verandas, supported by ornamental columns. These mansions stand in the center of large grounds, and rise, garlanded with roses, out of the midst of swelling masses of shining green foliage and many-colored blossoms. No houses could well be in better harmony with their surroundings, or more pleasing to the eye, or more home-like and comfortable-looking.” (Life on the Mississippi)

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Tour Details


  • Every day 10am and 1pm
  • $40/person
  • 2 hour tour

Things you’ll see

  • Celebrity Homes
  • Antebellum Mansions
  • Lafayette Cemetery #1
  • Shotgun Houses
  • Center Hall Cottages
  • Commander’s Palace

Architecture styles

  • Queen Anne
  • Greek Revival
  • Italianate
  • Gothic Revival