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Garden District & Irish Channel

Irish Channel Walking Tour

The City of Lafayette was established as a separate city from New Orleans in 1833.

It was annexed into New Orleans in 1852. Today this area is made up of the Garden District and the Irish Channel. On this tour, visitors can see the wide differences between the dwellings of the rich and the simple shotgun homes that were occupied by a mainly first generation immigrant population of the antebellum period.

Also included in the tour is a walkthrough of St. Alphonsus Church, which was built in 1855, in response to the explosion of Irish immigration due to the Irish potato famine. This church was closed in 1970s due to a lack of parishioners. In the 1990s the Friends of Saint Alphonsus group was created to save this incredible building by adding it to the National Landmark List.

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“I was looking for insight into Irish history in N.O. And, I’m traveling with a member of the family who is an architect. Architecture and population waves — invasion and succession — were extremely well-covered both as overlapping and independent topics. Of particular interest to us was the architect, Mr. Howard. Of Irish descent, Mr. Howard has built some of the most distinctive homes in the Garden District. Most of our conversation was spent contrasting the elements/features of Italianate, Greek Revival and French/Creole styles. We walked about 1.5 miles and were comfortable throughout. We also toured Lafayette Cemetery # 1. We met Katrina in the G.D. and crossed into the Irish Channel over a period of about 3 and 1/2 hours. The discussions were informative and stimulating. Sidewalks in New Orleans require comfortable shoes and vigilance! We plan on contacting NOLA tours when we return to N.O.”


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