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Marigny Walking Tour

Take a step back in time to the forming of the city’s first suburb on our Faubourg Marigny Walking Tour. Founded at the turn of the 19th century, the Marigny became the home to a diverse group of people including Haitian refugees, European immigrants who were largely Irish and German folks, and Free People of Color who were local to the area. 

This 2-hour tour gives guests a crash course in downriver New Orleans Architecture from the early 1800s to the present. The Marigny was a working class neighborhood. Therefore, your tour guide will focus on tiny tropical colored Shotgun and Creole Cottages. You’ll even receive tips on how to tell them apartAlso featured on this Marigny walking tour are some more identifiable “American Styles”. These can be found on Esplanade Avenue and include fashionable Greek Revival and Italianate features. There is so much to see and talk about in the Marigny. The neighborhood comes alive with stories of the people who lived here and the architects who designed these incredible homes. 

You’ll learn about our remarkable preservation efforts and see the results in this historic neighborhood. You might even get to greet some of the locals on their porches as you pass by their homes.  

On this tour you will find out who the Creoles were and why they frequently clashed with the recently arriving Americans. You will also learn about Bernard De Marigny, the neighborhood’s most famous Creole and how he influenced the area to become one of our most unique neighborhoods.  Wait until you hear about some of the Street names he picked out! 

Your Marigny tour guide is highly knowledgable and skilled, especially in the areas of architecture and history. We use only the best guides for our tours.

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Tour Details


  • Every day 1pm
  • $35/person
  • 2 hour tour

Things you’ll see

  • Creole Cottages
  • Townhouses
  • Shotgun houses
  • Frenchmen Street
  • The Old U.S. Mint/New Orleans Jazz Museum

Architecture styles featured

  • Greek Revival
  • Queen Anne
  • Italianate
  • Creole