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Marigny Tour

Did you know that New Orleans used to have streets named “Love,” “Craps,” and “Good Children?” These fanciful names were designated by the colorful Bernard de Marigny when he subdivided his plantation in the early 1800s to form the city’s first primarily residential subdivision, Faubourg Marigny. Join us as we explore this fascinating area adjacent to the French Quarter. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and a city-designated historic district, Faubourg Marigny has many well-preserved nineteenth century Creole cottages, a style popular with immigrants from Saint-Domingue, as well as the Creoles and free people of color who flocked to the new faubourg. We will also tour Esplanade Avenue, one of the boundaries of Faubourg Marigny. Esplanade Avenue, originally the site of fortifications built by the French and Spanish colonial governments, was transformed after the Louisiana Purchase to a grand European-style boulevard with palatial townhouses and mansions flanking a wide neutral ground with stately live oaks.

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